Enchantment of Darkness by Shana J. Caldwell

Enchantment of Darkness by Shana J. Caldwell

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This is a hardcover edition of Enchantment of Darkness by Australian author Shana J. Caldwell. It has a stunning naked cover and gorgeous dust jacket. Comes with an author letter from Shana!

These copies are reduced as they have some minor damage from printing/delivery issues.


A soul for a soul

Ravynne Morgan is a simple village girl with a tragic past, leaving her outcast and shunned by those in her village. One afternoon she meets the ruthless faerie king’s son, Nyx.

As her cold heart grows warmer with each interaction with Nyx, she knows she’s stepping closer to a dangerous path she never intended to head down.

After she discovers she’s a seer she’s racing against borrowed time to keep her power concealed from the faerie king.

One tragedy strikes after the other which forces Ravynne to put her trust in Nyx so they can both work together to banish the evil that has fallen upon the village. Little do they know, their lives are more intertwined than they could have ever imagined.

The more time she spends with Nyx, the more she comes undone. As she heals from wounds in her past, she realises she must make the greatest sacrifice of all if she’s to protect those she loves.

A heart for a heart.