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A hardcover edition of Emergence: Breath of Life by Anita R. Eschler with an author letter and signed bookplate.


The journey of a survivor continues...

Rae struggles with her new responsibilities as a Ruler and guardian to an orphaned child—the ever-growing urgency for a cure and treatment to the Breather's influence further exacerbating these difficulties. Her second in command is her unwavering support throughout these tribulations and as time progresses, so do their feelings for each other. But to her dismay, the Council suddenly decree that she must choose a suitor... one that is not Gideon himself!
Hearts intertwine, complications arise, and Rae's feet itch for freedom outside the walls of her segmented prison.

Going against the advice of her second, she sneaks from the walls for a midnight run across the wastelands. The blatant disregard of Gideon's suggestions lands her in strife, yet also leads her to discover a new ability hidden deep within her… and to the brother she didn't know existed: Cillian.
Perhaps their combined blood will be enough to finally create an Immunity... but will it be enough to generate a cure and restore a soul?

Or will the heart of someone once human forever be tarnished?

***Contains sexual situations, violence, horror, offensive language, themes of attempted and implied rape. Recommended for ages 18 and over.***